all good things are wild free

first off i’m inspired by all these lovely people here. people who march to the beat of their own drum. royally dislike people who follow trends. people who join in on bandwagons piss me off. think for yourself. creative and unique people inspire me. people with their own minds, ideas, and thoughts intrigue me. people who have an i don’t care attitude. people who don’t need confirmation on anything. i don’t like when people try to be someone they’re not. free spirits, not copycats.

i’ve been in an inspired mood lately.



























one, two, three
if you close the door
the night could last forever
leave the sunshine out
and say hello to never
all the people are dancing
and they’re having such fun
i wish it could happen to me
but if you close the door
i’d never have to see the day again

the velvet underground – ‘after hours’


peace xo


3 thoughts on “all good things are wild free

  1. So you posted this about a year ago but i came across this searching images of little miss sedwig, and as i read i thought i was reading something ive writen to myself thousands of times. Just wanted to say your not the only one whos sick of people that try to imitate the one thing that disconnects one person from the other. Everyone tries so hard at being a complicated and complex human being just because they wish they could live inside the mind of person that really thinks out of the box. Everyone just needs to find themselves and stop looking to others as an excuse to be fashionable and trendy.

  2. Doesnt that make both of you followers of something because you both think the same thing which coincidently so do I!! I don’t like people who follow a trend. But because we all think the same thing and agree in a way we are following a trend and that actually is becoming the new trend to hate ppl that follow a trend when we should all just realize hey why don’t we help each other find out who each one of us in individually. and stop making fun of people that follow a trend because whether you like it or not at one point or another to end up thinking the way that you both do you both have followed a trend here and there. You are kinda doing it right now by thinking the way that you do!!!

  3. You make a good point but I wouldnt consider the fact the the both or three of us share a a thought or idea is a trend. Trend is for people that follow the latest fashion, music, tvshows and all that great stuff. Yes, the fact that we all share a common belief could be the beggining of a trend but the difference is that we all embrace indivdulity and in whatever way that may come to each person. To each is own. Whereas trends are all about being the same and usually look down on those that are different. Im talking about the people that dont have to try to be something that they are not. If you dont have to try then you cant really be considered a follower.

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