…and so here we are,

footprints on the ceiling and screaming the words in each others faces, sharing in it like a party we might have hoped it could have been had we closed our eyes and dreamed hard enough on the bus on the way into town.

club moscow was ultra fun, though i enjoy cinespace more. lots of cool, crazy people. met a cool band, harlow, that has a beautiful lead singer and cute drummer. crazy, weird bands played. saw a gorgeous guy. we looked at each other and i almost melted. ended up eating by dave navarro (jane’s addiction) at kitchen 24. all in all, it was an entertaining night in Hollywood.







beautiful lead singer of Harlow, Ricky.


fucking dirty and beautiful Hollywood.

got 2 1/2 hours of sleep to then wake up and go to a 3 hour class. tons of fun

that’s over now though. time for some rest.

can’t wait til sunday for cinespace. 🙂 more live bands to watch and lots of dancing that’s going to happen.

peace xo


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