shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leathers

i am tired, i am weary
i could sleep for a thousand years
a thousand dreams that would awake me
different colors made of tears

bright, bright red nail polish. amazing. still fully tired from last night. slept for a couple hours earlier today.

i got a bit bored earlier and took some pictures:




job hunting later today. completely frustrated with the states economy. (as are a lot of others). kind of makes you want to pack up and leave. go travel the world. london, perhaps?

anyways, pretty obsessed with the velvet underground’s song, ‘after hours’ at the moment. great song beautifully sung by maureen tucker. take a listen for the 6th time in a row? lots of velvet underground going through the speakers at this moment. a little bored. not much to do when you’re 18 in los angeles. the city that never sleeps, eh? not for “kids” like me.

looking forward to days to come and what will come of those days.

peace xo


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