so just lay your head down low,

don’t let anybody know
that its hard to live, its hard to live in the city
yes its hard to live, its hard to live in the city


this weekend’s events:

dancing in a racquetball court = lots of echo. not a place to hold a conversation. earthquake friday night. a bit scary. we were just sitting here when the apartment started shaking. i didn’t feel it quite as bad. it was a couple of towns away, thankfully. haven’t heard anything about any major damage or any injuries or deaths so that’s good.

went to a block party in downtown l.a. saturday night. lots of great bands played: dawes, whispertown 2000, the afternoons, restaurant,  and the like.



cinespace on sunday night was fun as always. went to a hookah bar afterwards. cool place, hookah not so cool. stayed up until about 4:30 watching flight of the concords and young frankenstein with the guys.






i should really start taking pictures in the club. 🙂

going home for the holidays in 5 days!! excited to see family and friends.


peace xo


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