if fashion is your trade,

then when you’re naked,
i guess you must be unemployed

– pulp ‘underwear’


i’m quite obsessed at the moment with oversized t-shirts and cardigans. wear them with tights or skinnies and ankle boots or flats and you’ve got yourself an amazing outfit.

i am coveting a pair of knee high socks as well. completely debating whether or not i should get some at forever 21 tonight..

also on my shopping wish list a pair of new black shoes. these are my top choices, all from forever 21:





only wish i had more money to buy these items.  😦

but that’s all for today. quite bored of being on the computer now.

2 days until i’m back home!! sunday my best friend and i are getting lip piercings!

peace xo


2 thoughts on “if fashion is your trade,

  1. very cool dress worn by Ms. Olsen!

    hope you do your research, go to a good studio, and buy good quality jewelry for your lip piercings!

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