control yourself,

take only what you need from it 
a family of trees wanting 
to be haunted

take a listen to the song above: kids by mgmt. fun dance song. 


back home to srg for the holidays tomorrow!! can’t wait to see everyone. it has been way too long. although i’m a bit freaked out by the fact that it’s a direct flight and it’s about 7 hours. i hate being on a plane that long. though when i finally make it to england it will be so much longer. my ipod and the fact that at the end of the flight i get to see my friends and family will be the only thing keeping me sane.

on another note, i’ve recently rediscovered my love for mary kate olsen and ashley olsen’s style. they have a way of putting things together in a unique and creative way. i’m in a big unique, creative mood right now. i tend to admire styles that are similar to mine. go figure. i can not stand when people are overtly trendy or try to dress in a fashion that does not suit their personality. mainly why i admire these ladies. they’re themselves and don’t pretend to be someone else. fashion is supposed to be about fun and not caring what you look like. main reason i don’t look in the mirror before i walk out the door. i look once to “inspect” the outfit (make sure there are no stains, rips, i like it, etc.) and that’s the end of the story.



other styles i love:




that’s all for today. can not wait for tomorrow!!


peace xo


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