i’ll go where secrets are sold

where roses unfold, i’ll sleep as time goes by





i wish i could have all four of these in one.

like a burst of sunshine, to wake up with the sun in your eyes, and the ocean just a few feet away.

peace xo


3 thoughts on “i’ll go where secrets are sold

  1. Love those pics.
    So why can’t you have all in one?
    Check out my sites, we things in common. Words.
    That was me making fun of MySpace, I never even go there, it’s like to open in a deceptive way.

    Oh, ps. Im blogrolling you because your words are good.

  2. Fine. As in to a day.
    I hope all things are great for you, that your pictures are closing in on reality.
    I wanted to write words today somewhere else, I hope you don’t mind.
    That my insides have flown out as the winds and my thoughts have been spread as the clouds pushed by them.
    And they have been not for everyone, but for everyone of the beautiful eyes that may set a gaze towards greatness some day.
    And this is why I see them in the reflections of my own.

    You may erase these words. or keep them, You may have them if you wish.

    Best Wishes and Truth

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