and it’s bitter and whispers chaotic things

everything is seemingly beautiful on the outside, but what about the inside? what goes on behind closed doors when no one is looking? is it all a facade? is it a lie? a veil to cover up the shattering truth?

i’ve been realizing a lot lately. everyday you learn something new and lately i’ve been learning a whole lot each day. i feel as if everyday that goes by i become more of the person i’m meant to be. i come into my own a little more. i’m letting things happen organically more.  life happens and you can’t pause it, you can’t stop it. you just have to live it, dive into it.  i’m trying to not be so inhibited or introverted. everyday is a new day, a new set of adventures. when you wake up to the world, it’s a little different than it was when you went to sleep. life is many things, chaotic, fun, sad, angry, full of adventure, full of happiness. just live it.


i don’t want any rules.

peace xo


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