rimmel salon pro polishes

I have heard so much about these tiny beautiful bottles, but I hadn’t spotted them in any stores. The other night I took a trip to CVS and stumbled upon a display of them. I immediately scooped up a bunch for $3.79 a bottle. It wasn’t long before I had the coral shade ‘Hip Hop’ on my digits. That manicure lasted 5 days. The longest any manicure of mine has lasted without any chips. (For the record, I work as a server and I constantly am washing my hands and banging them into plates).





I only purchased one nude color, Soul Session, which is more of a pinky beige. The other neutral color that I got was Yes Siri, which I would describe as a milky moss green color. Of course I had to get some red ones because red is a must. I was really happy with Hip Hop and Hot Gossip. Hip Hop is such a perfect summer color. It’s a beaut. The last three that I got were Blue Barmy, an electric blue color reminiscent of Nails Inc. Baker Street; Punk Rock, which is a purplish gray and it is darker in person than it is in this picture and finally Red Award, which is one of my favorites. It’s a beautiful deep red color, which adds an instant chicness to any look. I highly recommend these polishes to any polish lover. They are so cheap and they last for so long. If you don’t spend too much time with your hands in water, I’m sure it would last much longer than the 5 days it lasts on my nails. The formula is gel-like which means it dries fairly quick. And have I mentioned the brush? The brush is the BEST brush that I have ever encountered on a polish. It covers the entire nail making it so easy to paint your nails. The formula coupled with the brush and the color selection have quickly moved this range to the top of my list. My Essies polishes will have to take a back seat for a while.


2 thoughts on “rimmel salon pro polishes

  1. I keep hearing about these too and I’ve been contemplating trying some out for a while now! After reading this I think I will just go for it. Now to decide on a colour… 🙂
    Sass x

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