nude lips

Being a woman of color, it is sometimes a bit difficult to find nude lipsticks that don’t wash you out or make your lips appear ashy. I’m still searching for one to knock my socks off, but in my search I have stumbled upon a few that I have no problem with swiping on a daily basis. They have the perfect amount of nude and pink. Or brown and pink. They are creamy without being too oily and they last for a few hours. I know for me it is sometimes hard to find the ones that have all those things, but the following are the ones that check off those off.


My favorite at the moment is NARS Sheer Lipstick in Dolce Vita. It is a pretty pink color that goes on sheer and doesn’t add too much color. This is one of those that you don’t need a mirror for so it is very easy to re-apply throughout the day. Another recent discovery is Eva’s Nude from the L’oreal Colour Riche Collection Privee. I really wanted to try this collection out and was originally going to get Liya’s Nude, but when I looked at it in the store I found it too dark so I settled for Eva’s Nude. I’m glad I choose this one. It is a much fit for me. It’s got that great mix of brown and pink and unlike some of the others in the Collection Privee, it doesn’t have any noticeable shimmer running through it. It is also another lipstick that you don’t need to have a mirror to apply.

The next two are Hug Me and Touch, both from MAC and both Lustre finished. Touch is a brown toned nude with just a bit of pink running through it, while Hug Me is a pinky nude. I have used Hug Me a lot, but Touch was one that I had to get into. I almost gave it away, but decided to give it a chance and I am glad I did. They’re great everyday nudes that don’t wash me out and don’t appear ashy on my lips. They are ultra creamy and smell amazing.

The last two are kind of random picks. The first one up is the Tom Ford Lip Color in Casablanca. It’s the more pink of the bunch, with less nude going on. This is one that I reach for if I want a pinky neutral. It adds a little color to my face and brightens it up. The formula is amazing, just like all Tom Ford products and it is just so beautiful to stare at. The last one is a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid. It is the Maybelline The Elixir in Caramel Infused. I picked this up randomly because I had a coupon for a Maybelline lip product and these always caught my eye. I absolutely love this. It has a dream formula. It is pigmented, but not too much and it stays on for a while. It feels very nourishing when it is on, which I really enjoy. The bottle is small and compact, perfect for carrying around your purse. It’s about $6 in stores, but feels and looks like so much more. I highly, highly recommend this.

I hope this was somewhat helpful for not just darker skinned gals, but for any of you who wanted to see some swatches or read some information on these products. They all perform incredibly well and depending on your budget and what it is that you are looking for, there’s something here for you.


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