.a series of images.

basically a blog about fashion, makeup, and music (with some randoms thrown in occasionally.)

 i’m not your typical “girl”. i’m complicated to figure out. i don’t fit into one box and my mood is unpredictable.

i don’t know what i want, but it isn’t this.


coffee, music, skins, edie sedgwick,  new york city, the kills, erin wasson, jimi hendrix, alexander wang, zoe kravitz, arctic monkeys, marc jacobs, andy warhol, elliott smith,  johnny depp, london, effy stonem, paris, early morning sun, kings of leon, venice beach, taylor warren, mary-kate olsen, eyeliner, adventures, travel, life.

.childhood is about magic, but teen is about mystery.


2 thoughts on “.a series of images.

  1. who are you? can you write some basic stuff about yourself? i am just curious because i really like what you have here. i think its great.

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