the style: kate bosworth

There’s a handful of women and men who inspire when it comes to style. I don’t necessarily believe in sticking to one particular way of dressing. I like to explore and wear many things. As long as you’re comfortable, go for it. One lady who¬† I have always adored (not just when it comes to fashion, but in general) is Kate Bosworth. Ever since I saw Blue Crush when it came out, I was inspired. She has incredible style and is always so poised. I like that she is very minimalistic in her approach to her pieces. She doesn’t overdo it with accessories and instead chooses to leave the focus on the clothes and accentuate with one or two simple pieces or one large statement piece. Her clothing is modern, yet has a classic feel to it. She doesn’t ever look like a walking trend advertisement. She knows what silhouettes work for her and she uses them time and time again without making it look tired. These reasons are what make her one of my style icons.


Kate Bosworth seen wearing Daisy Duke shorts as she shops at Bristol Farms in Los Angeles.